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Answers to Your Questions

What are the costs of pursuing a claim?

We work on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you don’t win your case, you won’t pay a penny. If we do win your case, there is a set fee of 25% for Housing Disrepair claims.

Can I claim for personal injury?

The Short answer is yes, you can. Many different types of injury can be caused by housing disrepair, however below is a list of the most common injuries that we come across: Developing or worsening of Respiratory diseases caused by mould or damp. Physical injuries caused by the disrepair (for example, an injury caused by a falling tile, door or, even the ceiling). Asbestos-related illnesses (this can be a problem in older houses). Injuries sustained by faulty electrics. Developing or worsening skin. conditions due to the damp, mould, or infestation. This can be a rash or worsening of Eczema or Psoriasis.

Are there any time limits I should be aware of?

To make a claim for Housing Disrepair, you have 6 years from the date the disrepair was first reported to your landlord. A personal injury claim has a shorter 3-year deadline for filing court proceedings. For children under 18, the 3 year limit does not start until the child turns 18 i.e. until their 21st birthday.

How will my claim be handled?

Your landlord will receive a Letter of Claim stating that we would like to see copies of all relevant documents and arrange an inspection by our expert Surveyor on your behalf. The letter outlines all the issues you are experiencing with the property.

What are the requirement for a successful claim?

To successfully bring a claim, you need to prove that:

  • Your home suffers from actionable defects; and
  • Your landlord has knowledge of the actionable defects; and
  • Your landlord has failed to remedy them within a reasonable period of time.

How long can my landlord avoid carrying out repairs?

Legally, a ‘reasonable time’ must be allowed. In general, ‘urgent’ disrepair refers to no heat or water, which would require immediate attention.

Will I be charged for this service?

All of our Housing Disrepair claims are handled on a No Win, No Fee basis. We won’t charge you anything unless we win your case. From the amount you receive as a result of our victory, a fee of up to 25% will be deducted.